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In December 2006 the Danish National Institute for Occupational Health published the result of a large study of the working environment in Danish workplaces. More than 9.000 people participated in the research (NAK) and it was discovered that noise and poor acoustics is perceived as a serious problem. This is one of the reasons why the Danish government has just chosen “Noise from human activities” as a focus area for upcoming research.
This action also supports the increasing awareness of noise problems in Danish workplaces during the last 5 years – both from the media and in different research projects. One of the interesting research projects comes from Thomas Witterseh, Danish Institute of Technology”. His ph.d. report “The effects of moderate heat stress and open-plan office noise distraction on SBS symptom intensity and the performance of office work”, examines amongst other issues the relationship between noise distraction and performance in open plan offices. Learn more from this report

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