More than 130 films on sound and acoustics as a resource for you!



Did you know that you at this moment we have more than 130 films about sound and acoustics available on Acoustic Bulletin´s YouTube channel? These you can use for your own competence building and inspiration, include in education and training about acoustics when you want to raise awareness about acoustics.

And more films on interesting acoustic topics will appear ahead! Make sure you always regularly check Acoustic Bulletin´s YouTube channel for updates and new videos.

We strongly believe in sharing knowledge as to raise awareness about sound. These films can be valuable knowledge sources for end-users, architects, acousticians, building owners, facility managers, construction companies etc.

Subjects covered are for instance;

  • Healthcare acoustics
  • School and classroom acoustics
  • Office acoustics
  • End-user’s opinions
  • How sound affects people
  • Research
  • Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) and acoustics (acoustic and thermal comfort)
  • Interviews with acoustic experts
  • Architecture and sound
  • Room acoustics in general
  • How to make acoustics fun and interesting
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