Most promising conferences 2017!

UPDATE 170126: Thanks to the wonderful people on Twitter we’ve added a few more events, see below.


December is here and it’s time to take stock of the year that’s been and look ahead.

A year filled with knowledge sharing and great conversations

Some of the AB editors at INTERnoise 2016
Some of the AB editors at INTERnoise 2016

2016 for our part included many interesting presentations, seminars and conferences, and equally, if not more important; the meetings and conversations that we had with new and old friends at these events (you can read our posts about BNAM and Internoise)!

We also got to present a bunch of papers on everything from psychoacoustics to standards in elderly care.

Which were your highlights? Feel free to share in the comments field below!

2017 – acoustic conferences to look forward to

Do you already know what events and conferences to prioritise next year? If you do, please use the comments field below and tell us which events you are looking forward to, we’d love to find out.

If not, here’s our list of events that sound interesting for those of us keen on room acoustics and how sound impacts people.

We hope to see some of you at one of these events!


New additions, suggested by our followers on Twitter:

Events 90

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