New standard for open-plan offices released

ISO 22955:2021 Acoustics — Acoustic quality of open office spaces

This newly released international standard focuses on open office spaces. Office spaces are notoriously difficult to design from an acoustic standpoint. ISO 22955 will provide much needed clarity and guidance for acoustic designers.

By dividing the activities of office work into subcategories and detailing all design aspects relevant to acoustics, ISO 22955 handles the complexity of the sound environment by dealing with all its relevant parts one by one. It also provide suggested target values for acoustic parameters that set the bar for the acoustic ergonomics of office workers all over the world.

This new standard will provide more clarity on the issue of acoustic design of offices and will most likely become widely used within the coming years. At Acoustic Bulletin we celebrate its release and look forward to providing you with a detailed summary on some of its contents, and integrate it in our Design Dive series for open-plan offices.

You can download the standard here

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