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Noise and disease symposium – what we know and what we need to know


Acoustic Bulletin would like to highlight a symposium on noise and disease arranged by the Sound Environment Center at Lund University on 12 april 2013.

The symposium which aims at giving an updated overview on recent research on health issues in connection with noise exposure and cardiovascular diseases will feature several key researchers in the field including Wolfgang Babisch, whom has played a crucial role in putting the issue of noise and heart on the international research agenda.
The symposium, which takes place in Lund in Sweden, has also attracted speakers like Gösta Bluhm, Mette Sörensen, Maria Albin and Aneta Wierzbicka. The symposium will also explore connections with other exposures such as air pollution and other stressors and to at least partly suggest gaps of knowledge and where further research is called for.
For full information on the Noise and Disease sound symposium please visit the Sound Environment Center at Lund University web page here

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