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Noise inside incubators – quietest hour 49 dB(A)!


A recent study called “Noise exposure in a neonatogical care unit and in incubators” demonstrated a far from ideal environment for neonatals inside incubators.

The noise exposure of premature infants in incubators is determined by the noise situation in the neonatological care unit and on the other hand by acoustical properties of the incubator, which should shield the premature infant against an excess of noise beside the primary life-saving functions. The noise inside a neonatological care unit is caused by lot of supplying and controlling devices provided with loud alarm functions, but also by the nursing staff and visitors.

The report can be ordered here

The high production of noise is promoted by the normally high density of the incubators in the unit. The noise exposure in the unit and the acoustical properties of the incubators are investigated with the result, that the LAeq of the quietest hour within 24 hours was 49 dB(A) still. This and other results are showing, where necessary steps should or have to be taken, what is fortunately realized parts at least. in

Healthcare Environments 147

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