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Open plan offices at Euronoise 2012

Open plan office acoustics were the subject of the afternoon on June 12th, at the Euronoise 2012 in Prague. The session was chaired by Valtteri Hongisto, from the finnish institute of occupational health, and dealt with the acoustic design of open plan offices and included presentations from Jukka Keränen, Claus Lynge Christensen, C.B Pop and R. Canto Leyton.

Jukka Keränen – “The Effect of different room acoustic elements on spatial decay of speech, a laboratory experiment” This presentation gave insight on how different acoustic elements e.g. screens, absorbers and masking sound affect acoustic values accorsing to ISO3382-3.
Claus Lynge Christensen – “Acoustical simulation of open plan offices according to ISO 3382-3” This presentation explained how the software ODEON can be used to simulate values according to new ISO 3382-3 standard.
C.B Pop – “Acoustic descriptors for open plan offices – evaluation of field measurements” This presentation explained the results from measurements in five open plan office environments in Australia and Singapore.
R. Canto Leyton – “Acoustic design of OPOs – Subjective judgment” This presentation focused on the subjective assesment of the staff in five open plan offices in scandinavia
The common theme for all presentation was focus on the new ISO3382-3, its suitability, application and future development.
Click here to get the book of abstracts online (pdf), or visit the homepage for more info

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