BBC discussed office noise and productivity

Office acoustics infographic(And why working from home might not be the solution)


Those of us working with building acoustics all have our own horror stories of projects that didn’t prioritise the sound environment and only afterwards realised that the space isn’t fit for purpose. So it’s great when mainstream media such as the Guardian and New Yorker, dedicates space and time to discuss the importance of good sound environments.

Last week we were excited to hear BBC World Service’s international business news, Business Daily, interview our psychoacoustics expert, Paige Hodsman in their open-plan newsroom. Paige explained how noise affects our productivity in different ways and that it’s not the open-plan office per se that’s the culprit. She was then followed by Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times discussing why the alternative – working from home – may not be a sensible option in the long run.

Let’s hope many office designers and strategists listened; a well-designed space also sounds good!

Learn more about psychoacoustics here.


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