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Prepare yourself for EURONOISE 2012!


EURONOISE 2012 (the Ninth European Conference on Noise Control) is coming up soon in Prague, the Czech Republic. Put 10-13 June in your agendas, and meet acousticians from all walks of life and countries. Of course you will also have the opportunity to meet Ecophon staff and listen to their presentations on topics such as;

– Acoustic Design of Open Plan Offices – Subjective judgment (Ricardo Canto Leyton)
– Acoustic requirements and responsible development of materials for sustainable buildings (Alina Dulaurent)
– Classroom acoustics – Simple formulas for estimation of room acoustic parameters (Erling Nilsson)
– Impact of the new French thermal regulation on office indoor environment: combine innovative cooling technology and high acoustic demand. (Yoan Le-Muet)

Moreover, Guus Klamerek will be engaged chairing in the session regarding sport hall acoustics.

Looking forward to see you there!

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