Room acoustics and hygiene in healthcare – at DAGA 2014


Ingrid Fuchs at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg.
Ingrid Fuchs at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg.

Acoustics in hygienically demanding areas: Porous absorbers and space specific hygiene regulations. This was what Ingrid Fuchs (Concept Developer – Healthcare at Ecophon in Germany) gave a presentation on at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany.

Healthcare facilities are subject to hygiene requirements and cleanability of acoustic material is a matter to consider. Acoustically inadequate workplaces negatively affect the working staff – and patients. Ingrid Fuchs reveals in her paper basic data and results of relevant studies facilitating knowledge interaction and exchange between the disciplines of architecture, hygiene and acoustics.

DAGA 2014
Raumakustik in hygienisch anspruchsvollen Bereichen: Der poröse Absorber auf dem Prüfstand raumspezifischer Hygienebestimmungen.

Ingrid Fuchs, Ecophon Deutschland:

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