Room acoustics and inclusion in schools – at DAGA 2014

Holger Brokmann at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg
Holger Brokmann at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg

Acoustics and inclusion: Knowledge from a British study on school acoustics and inclusion was what Holger Brokmann (Concept Developer – Education, with Ecophon in Germany) presented at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany.

The issue of “equal educational opportunities for all” is linked to the concept of inclusion, underpinned by legal requirements such as the Basic Law or the Disability Discrimination Act. This has a direct influence on the acoustical requirements, such as the newly introduced German standard 2010 DIN 18040-1. Holger’s paper to DAGA 2014 explain the legal background and its normative ramifications. Moreover, an important study from Essex Country in England provides us with excellent examples on room acoustic design, from fulfilling basic requirements to more ambitious quality supporting also hearing impaired and disadvantaged students.

Vereinbarkeit von Schulakustik und Inklusion – wie eine britische Untersuchung helfen kann

Holger Brokmann, Ecophon Deutschland:

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