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Room acoustics developments pointed out at Euronoise last week

The Euronoise room acoustics session included 7 lectures last wek in Tampere (Finland). Important developments are taking place in that field. Promising!

Highlights from the session
– Rooms with ceiling treatment are not diffuse. Traditional, Sabine based relationships between reverberation time and sound pressure level do not apply. New calculations methods are needed, taking into consideration the scattering properties of furniture in the room. (Nilsson)
– Prediction of reverberation time in normal, non-diffuse rooms asks for specific models and methods together with an understanding of the decay process. European Standard EN 12345-6 raises questions regarding its usability, which should be taken into consideration in coming revisions. (Kylliäinen)
– Loudspeaker directivity seems to have a major influence on speech privacy measurements in offices. More precise directivity specifications are needed in order to allow for comparisons and establishment of guildeline values. (Sundin)
Most of these issues will be developped at the Ecophon 5th International Acoustician Seminar later this year. See previous post
Below the list of the 7 lectures. The downloadable papers involve Ecophon as co-writer.
Room acoustical Applications of microperforated stretched foil, Christian Nocke, J. Pentila, C. Hilge
Measurement uncertainty of the reverberation time and of others acoustical parameters changing model of microphone, Simone Geroso, Maria Giovannini, Renato SpagnoloMarco Filippi
Sound scattering in rooms with ceiling treatment, Erling Nilsson, Pierre Chigot, Nils-Åke Andersson Download file
The effect of resonators on the acoustics of coupled spaces, Dimitris Skarlatos, Tilemachos Zakinthinos
Noise cancellation frontends for automatic meeting transcription, Marián Képesi, Tuan Van Pham, Gernot Kubin, Luis Weruaga, Andreas Juffinger, Michael Grabner
Estimation of structural noise inside closed premise caused by external sources, Boris Goncharenko Poster
Effectiveness of EN 12354-6 and other calculation methods of room acoustics in ensuring
required acoustic conditions in typical enclosed spaces
, Mikko Kylliäinen, Pierre Chigot, Erling Nilsson Download file
Sound source influence on speech parameters, Gunilla Sundin, Pierre Chigot
(This paper was included in another session, addressing speech privacy.) Download file
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