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Shopping music – influencing you either you like it or not!

Earlier this year the founder of the “elevator music”, Muzak, went bankrupt! But the business of background music, making you shop more, is still successful.

Matching the music with the target group is important! It is a matter of finding the appropriate sound level. Too high sound level might be disturbing. But then again, some shops have rather high sound levels since they target young people.
The father of background music, George Squier, applied for a patent already 1922 with regards to distributing music via the electrical lines in buildings. Inspired by Kodak, he named his company Muzak, and background music was connected to psychological research.
One company working with background music is Musicpartner. They tailor make music for companies and distribute it either via satellite or internet. They say they that two things are important. The function: how the brain reacts. The identification: What perception the customer has about themselves through the music.
Music filling the boutique! (In Swedish)
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