Sound Environment improved in NICU at UZ Leuven

The sound environment was improved in one of the bays in the Neonatal Instensive Care Unit (NICU) in Leuven when installing acoustical islands. The NICU has an innovative design focused on improving conditions for both staff and patients. The general layout is based on 3 interconnected bays. Each bay has 12 single unit patient rooms and consists of an inner bay and an outer bay. In the inner-bay the medical staff is present, in the outer-bay non-medical circulation happens (mainly parents).

In order to investigate whether the sound environment could be further improved, acoustical islands where installed in one of the inner bays. This generated big improvements acoustically, as can be seen in the video about this case.

The video informs about the general design of the NICU, the acoustic challenges, the thermal comfort needs, and the solution decided upon. The users of the NICU bay tell us how things have improved acoustically.

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