Sound workspaces for emotional intelligent people

The speed of change in the workplace of today is enormous. Technology is the catalyzer. The shift on how global top companies are looking at the workforce is here. Artificial Intelligence have already taken over the work of intelligent people. The emotional intelligent is in pole position!

Tasks as, gather & analyze the data, interpret the results, determine a recommended course of action, and implement the course of action. Machines is superior the humans. To continue with our profession is crucial to improve the skills that machines can’t duplicate. The human side, considerate, encouraging and interactive.

Design for interaction

An emotionally skillful person perceives her/his own emotional ups and downs, good ability to recognize them and manage them. But furthermore important the ability to feel others emotional experience there and now. Thus they are good in motivating, communicate and move things in the right direction.

Creating spaces for interaction and collaboration acoustic must be top on the agenda. Communication friendly spaces is the best as humans loves the voice of others! Acoustic design from a positive perspective, how about that! Effective ceilings combined with supportive interior from an absorptive and diffusion perspective is key. This will benefit in creating the collaborative and more caring environment that emotional skilled persons long for.

A workplace you easily can talk to one other in an engaging way. Motivating your team, colleagues and organizational development comes with that.

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