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Swedish Television publish checklist for quieter school canteens


In a Swedish TV program noisy school canteens were on the agenda. A resent study on noise levels in school canteens were referred to. It was mentioned that half of the pupils in the Swedish comprehensive schools feel bad due to school canteen noise levels. Children may get stomach pain; head ache or feel more stressed due to noise. The child reporter interviewed an adult regarding what you can do about it. The child concluded the interview with stating that also wall absorbers are needed! Here you can read more about it (in Swedish) and here is the checklist as a pdf.

Items on the checklist for quieter school canteens in English are;
1. Reduce the amount of pupils eating at the same time
2. Put sound absorbers in the ceiling, and possibly also at the walls as to reduce noise
3. Divide the school canteen in smaller sections using screens
4. Place adults among the children – it will be calmer
5. Change chairs with noisy steel legs
6. Put soft pads under the legs of the chair
7. Place a screen in front of where you hand in the dishes
8. Ask pupils for suggestions

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