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ISO 22955: Acoustic quality of open offices

A new international standard has recently been released focusing on one of the most complex indoor sound environments, the open office. For this very same reason this is one of our favourite subjects and therefore we are happy to update you on the new ISO 22955. So what is its scope and how can it […]

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Soundscapes: A perceptual design tool on the rise

How we perceive the sounds around us is dependent upon their inherent acoustic characteristics but also their associated meanings, context and our experience. We individuals shape the frame of reference. Exposure to unwanted, negative sounds (noise!) impacts our quality of life. Until now, our primary goal in acoustics has been to solely reduce the negative […]

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Design Dive: Open Offices – Part 1

Is the open office a thing of the past? How can verbal communication be the main reason for its existence and simultaneously its biggest acoustic problem? We give you the answers and the solutions in this series on acoustic design of open offices. In this three-part Design Dive series, we, as always, bring you both […]

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Noise in shopping centres

Shopping centers are frequented not only by people with commercial intentions, but also by visitors with social and leisure purposes. The latter implies that there is often a large circulation in the different spaces of the shopping centre, which are generally large, open-plan, and with high ceilings. In addition to that, there is also often […]

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PhD, Finnur Pind – Wave Based Simulations & Virtual Acoustics

Finnur Pind defended his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark, the 31st of August, 2020. Finnur has contributed significant advancements in several interrelated fields such as wave based acoustic simulations and virtual acoustics through his research. The following is a superficial summary of Finnur’s research loosely based on, his published papers, his PhD defence, […]

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Good acoustics and air quality combine to increase student concentration, well being and learning conditions

Good classroom design works as a 3rd Pedagogue! In a post-Covid world this applied study has become even more relevant to ensure sustainable teaching and learning environments. This research carried out by University of Bremen ISF – Institute for interdisciplinary School Research into the impact of improving ventilation was based on previous studies (Bremen III) […]

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Design Dive: Rooms Fit for Video Conferencing

It has been predicted again and again that video conferencing would become a ubiquitous part of professional life. Now, it seems it is here to stay, but there are still work to be done before this technology can live up to its full potential. Never before have so much professional interaction taken place remotely, through […]

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Our Visual Focus (part 3) – Deafly Designed

What do modern human societies sound like? Have we neglected the soundscapes of human society, and how may our cultural focus on our sense of sight have affected how we design buildings? The World Health Organization (WHO) categorize noise as the most significant environmental health threat right after air pollution (1). This should also be […]

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Good acoustics as an extra source of income in restaurants

Internoise 2019, Madrid It’s all about money! Juan Negreira held a really inspiring presentation at Internoise 2019 – about how a room acoustic intervention in a restaurant lead to better income. Below are his findings and discussion and if you want to know more about the project and get access to the original paper, you […]

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Find out what a room can sound like – with the Ecophon Acoustic Calculator

Today almost all room acoustic calculations are based on the Sabine formula. Even though it is known that you often get different values when you compare calculations with actual measurements in a room. Therefore, Ecophon has developed a calculator in which the intention is to have more accurate acoustic values before measurements. The Ecophon Acoustic Calculator is […]

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