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Hospital Soundscapes and Ways to Heal Them

“The soundscape of the average modern hospital is a cacophony of overlapping beeps, blats and pings from monitors, roaring ventilation systems, raucous bursts of conversation from visitors, patients and the nursing station, carts rumbling down hallways, televisions, phones. Sleep, essential to the healing process, is available primarily through medications. Even medicated sleep can be elusive, […]

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Activity noise halved in Birmingham ward

At Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham, England, replacing the old, reflective ceiling with a highly sound-absorbent Class A ceiling has reduced noise levels in the corridors of Priory Ward 4 by half. “A major improvement,” according to Andrew Parkin, an acoustics expert at Cundall, a consulting firm. See the sound propagation animation below. When Sandwell […]

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