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Test codes for sound absortpion measurements

Nils-Åke Andersson

CEN/TC 126, Building acoustics, has created a working group, WG 11, to develop Test Codes for suspended, acoustic ceilings. WG 11 started its work about a year ago with Nils-Åke Andersson from Saint-Gobain Ecophon as convener and has now about 15 participants from around Europe. The reason doing this work is the problems with differences in measurement results from laboratories.He is interviewed by Guus Klamerek, concept developer – education for the Benelux.

Listen to the interview to find out more about the test codes (1:25 minutes)

One of the duties of working group is to work with Round Robin Tests.
Listen here to what that actually means. (2 minutes) Nils Åke_part2.mp3&bgcolor=#FFFFFF

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