The blurry zone

Of room acoustics

Happy and long-leasing clients is crucial for Real Estate business. Imagine a tenant stay 7 years instead of 5, it’s a huge profit. We all know that noise related issues are top of complaints. This cannot passed the RE business. Time to encourage RE to take lead in the “blurry” zone of room acoustics.

Addressing psychoacoustical challenges such as Tasks, Context, Control, and Personalities might be to ask for to much. Room acoustic basics its less of a challenge and more rewarding, if you can explain the benefits. Room acoustic, we all know it’s a combination and correlation between the room and the furniture, based on the activity that should take place. Plus all the noise coming from the building and its services. In negotiations this can be somewhat a blurry zone. If the room acoustic foundation were owned and designed well by the landlord, they would give their clients a better starting position for designing long-leased sustainable workplaces.

By including room acoustic in the core and shell design we would be getting attention to the room acoustic from day one. As the cost difference for building material vs interior solutions is vast, the tenant would benefit from both cost and being more satisfied. The tenant would also get more freedom in the interior design process and the landlord will be getting a better revenue, profit and trust from their clients. It’s a win win.

Viable for the many

Make room acoustic more viable,  visable, appealing and easier to understand for Real Estate and Tenant. Explain the 3-dimensional experience and applications of the room by showing its;

  • Strength
  • RT
  • Clarity
  • Speech Propagation (for stretched rooms)

Explain different conditions outcome based on: Empty room, sparsely furnished, normal furnished and dense furnished. It would give better insights of clients expectations of the room and transparency in negotiations. Make room acoustic viable and better for the many people and less blurry!


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