Thermally activated building systems (TABS) and high acoustical requirements – at DAGA 2014


Rainer Machner at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany
Rainer Machner at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany

The cooling and temperature stabilization of modern office buildings by thermally activated building systems (TABS) has in recent years in Europe developed into a common building technique. The solution is to adjust the temperature by utilizing the mass of the concrete core structural soffit.

This kind of technology is not compatible with fully covered suspended acoustic ceilings, so alternatives such as free hanging absorbing units or baffle systems are used to secure a degree of room acoustic quality. The challenge in these situations is the balance between the acoustic and thermal qualities. And this can be handled in practice, based upon knowledge acquired.

Rainer Machner (Local Concept Development Manager at Ecophon in Germany) has special expertise within this field and he shared his knowledge and field study measurement findings from France with the audience at DAGA 2014 in Oldenburg.

(DAGA abstract title)

Kombination von thermisch aktivierten Bauteilsystemen (TABS) und hohen raumakustischen Anforderungen: Akustische und thermische Ergebnisse einer Felduntersuchung

(English: Combination of thermally activated building systems (TABS) and high acoustical requirements: Acoustic and thermal results of a field study)

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