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Too noisy to sleep? Let the hospital know.


Night time noise can be devastating for the recovery during a hospital stay. Through it’s Shhh (Silent Hospitals Help Healing) Committee, the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix is making a conscious effort to improve the sound situation in the hospital by involving the patients. By sending “noise alerts” in real-time via the in-room-television, the patient notifies the surrounding staff when sound levels become unacceptable, and the hospital can immediately take action to reduce the noise.

By becoming aware of the sound levels via the interactive technology the hospital has increased their patient satisfaction scores, and the patients’ ratings for “Quiet at night” has increased from 43 percent to 57 percent.
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Schofield, D., and Atkin, D., Enhancing the Patient Experience through the Use of Interactive Technology, The Beryl Institute, Dallas, February 2011.

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