Top 5 posts on acoustics during 2017

Our top 5 posts on acoustics 2017

Wow, we sure get a good spread of topics on this little blog of ours and maybe, just maybe, this is what you like about it?

When we summarise the major news and events in room acoustics 2017 we look back on everything from a nearly tropical ICBEN in Zurich, to interesting new podcast episodes and niche research into operating theatres. But which posts resonated the most with you, our readers? Here are the five most read articles from 2017:


  1. Welcome to the weird club!

    An important post to shed some much-needed light on one of the world’s most normal and low-key jobs: the Acoustician.

  2. How open should a learning space be acoustically?

    The debate on open vs. cellular classrooms is ongoing amongst architects, educationalists and acousticians. This post provides a thorough overview of the acoustic perspective.

  3. Study: How do wall absorbers impact room acoustics?

    OK, technically this post was published in 2016. But it was right before Christmas and who has time to read about acoustics then?! Really interesting post with practical advice on how to use wall panels, check it out!

  4. Are we listening or hearing in the classroom – the Indian perspective

    The top guest post discusses classroom acoustics from an Indian perspective, and in this day and age, it’s refreshing to hear that we have so much in common.

  5. The problem with acoustic simulations

    Second guest post to qualify for the top 5 is an important academic discussion about the difficulties associated with acoustic simulations.


Worth mentioning too is that the overall winner this year wasn’t actually published in 2017! It was published last year and we can understand why you like it, find out which post here.


Thanks for the contributions, discussions and not the least, reading and sharing our posts. We look forward to an eventful 2018 in the name of room acoustics. Remember to sign up to the quarterly newsletter so you get all the highlights straight to your inbox!

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