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Five reasons acoustic consultant is NOT a weird job

Could Trump be right?! Is it all fake news?

Acousticians. It’s time to close the ranks and unite. Our profession has come under fire! The Independent ranks Acoustic Consultant as the second weirdest profession in the UK.  The audacity!

Here are our top five reasons why working in acoustics is perfectly normal, help us add to the list by commenting on the post or tweeting us !

#1 Lovely, welcoming work environments

And how people don’t see this as the most comfortable and welcoming place to work, is beyond us:

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia


#2 Popular ringtones

In our defence, the Sine sweep is a perfectly normal ringtone! It’s been downloaded over 500 times from Zedge.net.

#3 The most obvious and self-explanatory presentations

How can anyone possibly NOT get a tingle down their spine when they see this:

A thing of beauty


#4 A biological drive to clap

Who doesn’t have the urge to clap their hands when in a place like this:


It’s only natural. A biological drive to find out what the reverberation time is and how the room behaves.

#5 The simple to explain and understand lingo and concepts

Reverberation time, Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI), Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), Dn,f,w (dB) – music to the ears! And what’s not to love about

Calculation of Speech Clarity C50?

Calculation of Speech Clarity C50 using the model of Barron and Lee


Enjoy more of these straightforward and plain-language concepts in our room acoustics glossary.


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PS. dBx Acoustics’ blog has a more serious post on what acousticians do.


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