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“What is sustainable acoustics”

The world population has been multiplied by 1000 in 10.000 years.

It’s obvious that if we want to safeguard the quality of living for future generations, we need to show environmental awareness and take meausres already today. A definition of sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“Acoustics ad the UK perspective on sustainable acoustics “
Peter Rogers – Cole Jarman Associates

According to Peter Rogers, associate at Cole Jarman Associates, sustainable acoustics is about appplying the principles of acoustics to remove the problems that obstruct a “One planet” or “sustainable” solution. During his presentation he showed 3 ways representing the UK approach regarding sustainability and acoustics.

• Regulations increasing (BB93)
BREEAM assessments (download the factsheet)
• Code for sustainable homes

Rogers gave an overview of the situation in the UK and explained about the BREEAM’s assessment for the performance of buildings. His answer to the question “What can acoustician do?”, was as following.
• educate themselves and those in other disciplines about what we know so far about human aural effects on comfort, health and happiness
• perform research
• create benchmarks
• raise awareness
• share progress

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