Inside an ambulance; have you been in one? Do you know what they sound like?

What it sounds like to be an acute illness patient

The healthcare world is filled with noise; alarms, people chatting, cleaners pushing carts and much more. It becomes so familiar that staff don’t even think about it, repressing it becomes second nature, so it may be easy to forget that the patient is probably having a completely different experience. Especially an acute illness patient that perhaps haven’t had much interaction with healthcare environments previously.

Per Thorgaard gave a moving presentation during the Care for Sound seminar, two years ago on this topic. In his presentation he also let the audience listen to what it sounds like to be an acute illness patient.

It can be difficult to understand other people’s perspective. Here it’s fairly easy. I for one would be petrified.

Have a listen and see how you feel.

Interview with Per Thorgaard here. 

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