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A new Dutch standard has seen daylight! Presented at ICA 2007 in Madrid!

Ruud Geerligs

The new Dutch Practical Guideline NPR 3438 was recently published and released. This guideline (or standard) covers the field of acoustic ergonomics and gives target values for the room acoustical environment in relation to disturbance of concentration and communication. NPR 3438 can be used for building and housing projects covering building types like offices, schools, sports halls, hospitals etc. Ruud Geerligs from SBR (Building Research Institute) in Netherlands presented a paper on this new Dutch guideline at ICA 2007 in Madrid (19th International Congress on Acoustics) together with Carsten Svensson from Saint-Gobain Ecophon. Ruud highlighted the background and the content of the Practical Guideline in one of the sessions.

Listen to the interview with Ruud Geerligs

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