Acoustic Bulletin now upgraded on new platform!

Ecophon Acoustic Bulletin

We have now significantly upgraded our present platform has served us well but creates challenges for us and we have now outgrown it. It needs to have more dynamic functions to be able to respond to new interactions; commenting, sharing and easier interactivity with expanding social media channels.

In response to these challenges we have a fresh design and logo to give it new visual identity as well as new functional improvements. This platform is designed to be more responsive to handle easy viewing and adapting to different devices like smartphones, tablets as well as PC screens.

We hope this can inspire our audience to be more engaged with the sound environment and particularly room acoustics and we welcome all technical and non-technical input particularly as seen from a users’ perspective including the acoustics world as perceived in reality. We encourage debate and discussions where the focus leads to improving approaches to achieve good socially sustainable indoor environments in the future.

For example it is now possible to see our Acoustic Bulletin twitter feed and the YouTube channel movies like “How sound affects people” shown above right on the home page.

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