Acoustic emergency in schools discussed in Italy

(Above) Interview (In Italian) with Ing. Anna Marchesini and Ing. Cesare Trebeschi commenting on the outcomes of the seminar and the Progetto De.C.I.So (Deaf Children: Improvement of class room Sound quality) in particular



A recent study in Italy found that 90% of the schools involved do not comply with acoustic regulations.
In some cases the reverberation time measured was 4 times higher than the European average

Press in Italy has already picked up publishing about “Emergenza Acustica” in leading newspapers like La Repubblica and Corriera della Sera.

The study was a assigned to Brescia University (Lombardy area, Northern Italy), by the Association of parents of children with a hearing impairment and it was supported by Ecophon.

Last year , the government of Italy’s prime ministery, Matteo Renzi presented a massive investment plan for upgrading school buildings. This summer, it was followed by the minister of education, announcing to also consider the human infrastructure.
The outcomes of the Brescia Study are hoped to provide input to decisoions leading to improved acoustic environments in class rooms.

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Seminar – Design Acustico nelle Scuole L’importanza di un ambiente acustico ottimale
Ecophon organnised a seminar to present and discuss the results amongst different experts.  A total of 74 people participated comprised of architects, municipalities, teachers and acousticians.

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For the invitation card including speaker info click Design acustico negli edifici scolastici

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