Acoustics in TABS classrooms seminar films

Adrian James – Director AJA

You can now watch the three filmed presentations on our Acoustic Bulletin YouTube, from the seminar held earlier this summer at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in London. Increasingly Green Buildings” utilising Thermally Active Building Systems (or TABS) have specific acoustic challenges with potential increased low frequency reverberance and overall sound levels within the classroom, making learning difficult, and potentially limiting academic achievement.

This seminar was one of the first seminars on the subject where leading acousticians discussed how to meet the acoustic challenges of TABS construction in schools, discussing the effect on meeting acoustic standards while still achieving the thermal conductivity required for a successful educational building.
The follow three speakers filmes presentations from the “Acoustics in TABS in Classrooms” Acoustic Bulletin YouTube playlist are linked below;
Click here for Adrian James, Adrian James Acoustics, Norwich – “The challenges of meeting BB93, and PSBP brief, in TABS classrooms.”
Click here for Pedro Novo, Max Fordham, “Achieving indoor ambient noise targets in naturally ventilated schools with TABS”
Click here for Andrew Parkin, Cundall Acoustics, – “Integrating acoustic design with thermal comfort, daylighting, fire and structure.”

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