Acoustics will feature in a new groundbreaking research study!


New – Innovative Learning Environments & Teacher Change research project

This global education research project, ILETC, will run for the next four years.

It is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project, led by the University of Melbourne’s – Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN).


What will the project do….

 ILETC will explore how space enhances teaching practices by collecting a range of data from principals and teachers. This data will be used to design, test and implement practical tools and strategies to assist teachers in maximising learning in both physical and virtual environments.


Who is involved….

The project team contains some very well-known and experienced chief investigators, including Professor John Hattie who is the leading researcher in education worldwide.

The project brings together 15 partners with expertise in education and learning environments who share a passion for supporting teachers in developing the most effective practices in modern classroom environments.

Ecophon is an “industry” partner and is one of only two manufacturers, Steelcase furniture being the other. Other “industry” partners include consultants like Marshall Day Acoustics led by Director Amanda Robinson and architects Hayball. The “non-industry” partners include Departments of Education from New Zealand, Queensland, the ACT and New South Wales. Other interesting partners include the Association for Learning Environments, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and several research-focused schools.


What is in it regarding acoustics….

During the development, this project has recognised that acoustics is a fundamental consideration when it comes to setting the right conditions from a learning environment perspective. This is a great opportunity for the project team to understand more about the acoustic influences and issues regarding innovative learning environments. Especially when the focus is on the ongoing pedagogic developments around teacher change and the use of space.

The project will link acoustics with the holistic teaching and learning environments. Over the coming four years, we will have ongoing project information updates here on Acoustic Bulletin, sharing the progress. Long term, there will be many published papers and valuable guidance outputs.

While the research will be conducted in Australia and New Zealand, the results will relevant and shared by many global organisations such as the Association for Learning Environments (formally CEFPI founded in the USA).


Resources and updates….

  • The ILETC project was formally launched in June and the ILETC website is up and running.
  • The first ILETC newsletter was sent out recently and you can read this here.
  • There is also a summary brochure produced by the ILETC project team available here.


We look forward to sharing updates with you on this groundbreaking project! (But if you can’t wait, contact Colin Campbell, who can tell you more.)


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