Author: Andrea Harman

Euronoise 2018 – Building Acoustics and Health

Our editor Andrea Harman, Concept Developer for Healthcare in the UK, attended Euronoise in Crete – and here are her main takeaway points from the session: Building Acoustics and Health. Effects of children charcteristics on sound environment in fast food restaurants in china – Liu Shanshan This interesting session started with the question would you […]

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The importance of acoustics in designing spaces for people with dementia

The sound environment of a building plays an important role for those with dementia. We have been working to understand the extent for some time with various different bodies, including commissioning a literature review with Salford University of existing research in this field to help assess the impact of noise on people with dementia. What […]

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Maternity birthing pool considers acoustics to create a calming environment

 A midwifery-led birth centre that opened in 2010 at City Hospital in Birmingham has won The National Royal College of Midwives Award for “your Birth in our home”. It was judged by the President of the RCM and committee of judges. The award was presented by Natasha Kaplinski at The Brewery, London.  The Serenity Midwifery […]

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