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“Exchange of Knowledge”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar Yesterday Julie Dockrell, University of London, gave a speech titled School acoustics – from science via guidelines to practice. Being a psychologist, she looks at acoustics from a different perspective. She thinks the seminar is “an excellent learning experience”. “The exchange of knowledge between different disciplines is […]

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“Create Sound Policies”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar Marc Janssen of Ecophon (abstract) urged the participants to start working with Sound Policies. “We have to put requirements on paper. Standards help a lot. Use them to create sound policies, a tool to maintain or guarantee the quality of a workplace concept. It can among other […]

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“When I really want to think I go to the bathroom”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar James West of Johns Hopkins University (abstract) entered the stage to bring focus to the problem of noise in hospitals. In this interview with him, he says that “we’d better be paying more attention to noise in hospitals”. He’s met people that have said “when I really […]

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“Change focus – noise is not a killer”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar Søren Peter Lund, Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Occupational Health in Denmark, was the keynote speaker at the seminar. He started talking about the growing concern about noise in the society, showing a model that basically treats noise as a toxic compound. Lund’s view on […]

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Speech can be a source of disturbance at work

The new Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Statute Book on Noise (AFS Buller, 2005:16) has recently been published, and will be valid starting 1st July 2005. The Statute Book aims at supporting the new EU legislation on noise exposure of workers (2003/10/EG). One of the main new items is that disturbing speech from others can be […]

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New Finnish standard specifies sound conditions in buildings

The Finnish Standards Association published end of 2004 a new standard on acoustics in buildings. SFS 5907 (”Acoustic Classification of Buildings”) can be referred to when expressing acoustics requirements for most types of buildings. The standard is also meant to be an education tool in acoustics for architects and clients. Besides acousticians’ experience, the guide-lines […]

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