Better performance during the teacher training sessions – highlights need for good school acoustics!

Case study:

  • How acoustics dramatically improved the teaching facilities at training centre for teachers
  • CESIRE, Barcelona, Spain

Above: dBplus Acoustics explaining acoustic improvements

One good thing leading to another

The idea behind the collaboration between CESIRE, dBplus Acoustics and Ecophon came about after Ecophon hosted a knowledge seminar in Barcelona which shared a local case study where dBplus Acoustics were involved in the acoustic measurements (see more about the Col.legi Montserrat case study here). After the seminar, representatives from CESIRE expressed an interest in improving their teaching and working environments and allowing teachers to experience for themselves the difference between working in a classroom with a good acoustic treatment and another without it.

Left to right: Lluis Mora, Director at CESIRE, Beatriz Hernández Saint-Gobain Ecophon and Carles X. Pons dBplus Acoustics Advisors

CESIRE is a centre focusing on training teachers in research and development in education. Its’ purpose is to disseminate knowledge about teaching and education, explaining research results and adapting them to the needs of teachers, so that they can be transferred to teaching practice. It also has the function of designing and distributing activities and resources to assist teachers in their work to improve students’ academic performance.

The acoustic comfort of several classrooms of the CESIRE in Barcelona has improved considerably since the installation of high performing sound absorbing ceiling systems.

 Reaching remarkable results

The installed acoustic solutions reduced the reverberation time considerably (from 1.6s to 0.4s), thus improving acoustic comfort in classrooms in a remarkable way.  The teachers realise the benefits when they are the students themselves, and it helps them prioritise this to ensure they can have sustainable future teaching and learning environments for themselves and their students.



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