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Breakthroughs in standardisation in Nordic countries

Nordic requirements and recommendations for acoustic conditions in buildings is a review document (in Swedish)

It provides a snapshot of the situation in the begenning of the 2000’es in the Nordic countries and reflects the large efforts put since then to create and improve standards for building performance. A large part of the documents quoted in the document are outdated or can be found in a newer version.
At this date, it is possible to express room acoustics requirements for most relevant buildings (i.e. offices, educational premises, health-care premises, hotels and dwelllings) in the Nordic countries.
Since the document was compiled, following documents addressing sound requirements have been created:
Vejledning om lydforhold i undervisnings- og daginstitutionsbyggeri, Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen, 10.05.2004
SFS 5907SFS 5907 – Acoustic Classification of Buildings
Read more about it.
Norwegian Standard NS 8175 Acoustic conditions in Buildings – sound classification of various types of buildings”, previously mentioned in Acoustic Bulletin
SS 25267:2004 Acoustics – Sound classification of spaces in buildings – Dwellings
SS SS 025268:2001 Acoustics – Sound classification of spaces in buildings – Institutional premises, rooms for education, preschools and leisure-time centres, rooms for office work and hotels (under revision)

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