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“Change focus – noise is not a killer”


Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar

Søren Peter Lund, Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Occupational Health in Denmark, was the keynote speaker at the seminar. He started talking about the growing concern about noise in the society, showing a model that basically treats noise as a toxic compound.

Lund’s view on models like that was clear. Noise is not a killer, said Lund, but serious aspects of noise are overlooked. It is for example a substantial cause of loss of motivation and creativity. Focus should change, he concluded, one important reason being the change in workplaces towards more cognitive work.

The questions after Lund’s keynote speech included one about noise in open offices. Listen to his response.
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Read more in Søren Peter Lund’s abstract.

Søren Peter Lund’s publications.

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