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“Create Sound Policies”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar


Marc Janssen of Ecophon (abstract) urged the participants to start working with Sound Policies.

Marc Janssen

“We have to put requirements on paper. Standards help a lot. Use them to create sound policies, a tool to maintain or guarantee the quality of a workplace concept. It can among other things be a discussion model between architects, consultants and end users.”

Ecophon has helped define sound policies in a number of large companies. Ericsson, Danske Post, Deloitte and Essent are some examples. Generally they include a description of the room, the goals of the room and both quality risks and demands, including STI, DL2, AC, PI and Rt.

A voice from the audience agreed with Janssen’s conclusion about the importance of defining sound requirements for single rooms or room types.

“Get acousticians involved at an early stage, rather than bringing them in to pick up the pieces when everything has gone wrong.”


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