Forum Acusticum 2014 inspirations for a broader audience….


In the run up to Forum Acousticum 2014 in Krakow, our local colleagues could see an opportunity to lift out the subject of acoustics to a broader and non-technical audience. The conference papers and presentations are (with the exception of keynote speakers like Trevor Cox talking about the Sonic Wonders) often not so accessible  so in discussions with local Polish journalists it was decided to interview some of the speakers after the classroom acoustic sessions and film the presentations which might be able to reach out to peoples everyday experiences for example in schools.

We have some interviews available now, please click link here to listen to Mai-Britt and Jonas discuss teaching and learning environments.

We will have further interviews and some filmed presentations following soon.

Further interviews were made with Staffan Hygge from Gävle University in Sweden, discussing how the quality of acoustics impacts on speech, memory and learning.

David Svensson from Lloyd’s Register Consulting discussing acoustic comfort in restaurants.

Jonas Christensson from Saint-Gobain Ecophon in Sweden, discussing how speech works well in Swedish forests.

Mai-Britt Beldam from Saint- Gobain in Denmark, discussing how we need to make sure we have good conditions for speech in learning environments.

There are two filmed presentations which we hope can reach out to link to everyday experiences for a broader audience:

Jonas Christensson: Speech behaviour in Swedish forests

Mai-Britt Beldam: Listening Tests; Can you hear me, understand me & remember me?

We hope these are interesting to help engage more non-technical people in their everyday situations with acoustics and we would be delighted if you can also share these films as to engage and inspire  more discussions around acoustics and speech issues in schools!


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