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Grand Designs on School Acoustics

An impressive initiative by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and Grand Designs Kevin McCloud involving 50 MPs, is calling for government to ensure that new schools meet national standards for acoustics. The call comes after Freedom of Information Act data received by NDCS showed that only 21% of the local authorities in England that responded had new schools with acoustics meeting the requirements set out in Building Bulletin 93

Read more about this in a recent Building magazine article.
The NDCS have a real insight into the reality for deaf children in mainstream schools and have recently highlighted new figures which show that deaf children’s GCSE results continue to lag behind those of all children, and may even be falling further behind.
Supporting action regarding these new figures the NDCS’s UK-wide campaign report, Must do better!, set out the barriers that are holding deaf children back and recommendations for Government action.

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