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Groundbreaking School Acoustic Design Symposium


“The School Acoustic Design Symposium” at Westminster, London on Tuesday 7th December, was chaired by Peter Rogers of Cole Jarman and brought together some of the UK’s leading architects and acousticians in the field of education design. As sponsor of this unique event, we are pleased to provide you with the presentations from the audiologist, acousticians and architects, delivered on the day.
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First speaker
David Canning, an Educational Audiologist who presented the Essex Study explaning the benefits of optimising absorption and low background noise for those with cochlear implants, raising the issue of inclusion and the need for higher performance standards.
David Canning’s presentation

Simon Smith, Learning Environments Leader at Sweyne Park School did not use a powerpoint presentation but spoke from the heart about his experiences including those of other teachers and the children regarding the Essex Study.
Aaron Taylor, Director of Anshen Allen made a facinating presentation regarding a recent study visit to Denmark and Sweden.
Aaron Taylor’s presentation

Prof. Bridget Shield of London South Bank University summarised much of the key evidence based data on school acoustics.
Bridget Shield’s presentation

Raf Orlowski of Ramboll, presented a history of the acoustic regulations in the UK.
Raf Orlowski’s presentation

Caroline Buckingham, director at HLM Architects presented their agile design of acoustics approach for schools and Alistair Cruickshank also from HLM added his very personal experience as an architect who has recently lost his hearing due to illness.
Caroline and Alistair’s presentation

Emma Greenland of WSP Acoustics and Simon Dove of Penoyre & Prasad both share there specific experiences regarding their collaborative case studies for PfS – Space for Personalised Learning.
Emma and Simon’s presentation

Lester Korzilius, director with Ellis Williams Architects was the final speaker sharing his thoughts on the key focus areas for acoustics and schools
Lester Korzilius’s presentation

The presentations were closed with a panel discussion which was chaired by Russell Richardson (RBA Acoustics) for the ANC. The panel included Brian Martin (CLG), Jo Campion (NDCS), Andrew Parkin (Cundall Acoustics) and conference speakers Bridget Shield and Lester Korzilius. There was a clear concensus that good acoustic conditions are essential to enable schools to be successful teaching and learning environments. There were questions regarding where BB93 should be strengthened and whether the present “Inclusion” provision criteria currently applied to SEN teaching areas, should be applied for all mainstream schools as well. Costings were discussed and not thought to be a barrier to making this appropriate for all mainstream schools because all pupils and teachers will benefit from better acoustic conditions. Governmental promises before elections were raised and the previous administrations stance on mandatory testing. This was considered essential to ensure the building users receive the acoustic conditions which were intended at the initial design stage. Remodelling was discussed with mixed feelings as to how unused existing buildings could be utilised.
The presentations are available above and video content will be available soon. The presentations and content from the day will be integrated and form part of a new CPD roadshow which will be rolled out during 2011.
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