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How does it actually sound in classrooms with different acoustic treatments?


Watch Simon Smith (Learning Environments Leader) at Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh, Essex. UK. describe the classroom acoustic experiences of the students and teachers during the Essex Study and then their recent experience with a new acoustically optimised classroom.

Listen to the experiences and differences in the acoustic comfort as the students and teachers experience them and note how acoustic conditions which go beyond the minimum acoustic standards are greatly appreciated by teachers and all students.

For more information about the Essex Study and associated films please see the links below:
Click here to read more about the Essex study with the presentation by Audiologist David Canning
Click here to see the BBC SeeHear programme featuring the pupils from Sweyne Park involved with the Essex Study about David Canning’s classroom acoustics study for Essex Council
Click here to read more about the early stages of the Essex study
Click here to watch Simon Smith describing the classrooms which were involved with the Essex Study and how the teachers and students experienced them from a teaching and learning perspective.

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