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The new HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) gives Design Criteria for Room Acoustics in UK Healthcare Premises.
The document’s Executive Summary states “Noise can increase heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and even blood cholesterol levels. Good acoustic conditions improve patient privacy and dignity, and promote essential sleep patterns. Such conditions are key to healing”
Recently published, it requires acoustic treatment, usually ceilings, to be provided in all occupied areas, including corridors.
“The requirement is …

for a minimum area of absorption equivalent to Class C absorber covering an area of at least 80% of the floor area. The ceiling should also be washable in areas within the Infection Control regime.”
Using a superior Class A absorbing ceiling will provide a number of additional acoustic benefits to patients and staff – rooms will be less reverberant, overall sound levels will be lowered, speech will sound clearer, and intrusive noise from nearby areas will be reduced.
HTM 08.01 is available from
Listen to an interview with Adrian Popplewell (Arup Acoustics) as he comments on his involvement in drafting the HTM 08.01.
By Anthony Thomas,
Concept Developer, Healthcare – UK and Ireland

Acoustic Standards 87 Healthcare Environments 147

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