Inspiring travel guide to ever increasing sonic wonders

Image: Sound Tourism

We highlighted the very interesting Sonic Wonders initiative several years ago when Professor Trevor Cox initiated the website which provides a guide and reference for sonic wonders around the world.
However with technology advancing so fast, allowing us to record and film on everyday devices with much higher quality than before and these devices tend to be with us 24/7, it seems appropriate to raise awareness and inspire people to record and share all the sonic treasures which are out there.

Many of these examples are not in the public domain and by sharing them and exposing there sonic beauty or intrigue we can inspire more people to be more interested in the sound environment around them.
Amongst many examples from the intriguing disused listening station in Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany which was last used during the cold war. It has powerful echoes from the near spherical radome and it is said you can whisper into your own ears.
Photo: Sound Tourism
To the unexpected Outdoor sea organ at Zadar in Croatia where the wind and waves create random notes.
Photo: blandm
Also the more traditional and glamourous Musikverein in Vienna, Austria has a famous golden sound.

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