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Joint Belgium and UK Acoustics symposium at Ghent University

Noise in the built environment symposium (Thursday 29 April 2010 – Friday 30 April 2010) is organised jointly by the Association of Belgian Acoustical Association and Institute of Acoustics, and supported by the European Acoustics Association as an EAA Symposium.

Amongst many interesting topics will be:
Classroom acoustics;
Andrew Parkin, RPS Group discussing BB93: past, present and future.
Robert Conetta, London South Bank University with a preliminary survey of noise levels in UK secondary schools.
Daniel Connolly, Institute of Education, London will present Secondary schools students’ perceptions of their acoustic environment. Results of pilot research in English secondary schools.
Mike Wood, Exeter University will discuss case study evaluations of the influence of BB93 on the acoustic design of school buildings.
David Canning, Hear2Learn will discuss the effect of classroom acoustics on occupied noise levels: An investigation into the predicted sound levels in classrooms and their actual performance in use.
Adrian James, Adrian James Acoustics will present school acoustics design for excellence- when BB93 just isn’t good enough.
Acoustics in Health;
Nicola Shiers, London South Bank University will discuss a survey of noise levels in a post-surgical childrens’ ward.
Jian Kang, University of Sheffield will discuss acoustic simulation of u-shaped long space in hospitals.
Future noise measurement;
John Zeman, London South Bank University will discuss Acoustics uses for the iPhone.
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