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New approach to Annual UK Acoustic conference

Andrew Parkin – Vice President ANC and Partner at CUNDALL Acoustics gives info regarding latest updates.

A recent joint IOA and ANC Annual Conference in Birmingham, UK. Took place on 5-7th November, where the Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants participants joined up bringing together acousticians from a wide range of academic and commercial backgrounds.

This conference was an opportunity to reflect on, and evaluate, the changes to the UK’s acoustic standards for schools, BB93, quite rightly deemed a success, and their place in the newly released base-line standards for Priority Build Schools Programme projects, now available on the DfE website, The revised section 1 can be found within the PSBP brief, whilst a new committee was announced, and met, to begin the completion of section 2.
This year saw a wider range of speakers than seen in previous years, including inspirational TED and Sound Education speaker, Julian Treasure and Ecophon’s Erling Nilsson.
Our local colleague Shane Cryer, Concept Developer – Education, Saint-Gobain Ecophon (UK & Ireland) commented;
“Julian gave a challenging and provocative view on how acoustics is viewed by the outside world, reminding us that we do not market ourselves well enough and are generally not outward-looking. Erling discussed various room acoustic parameters that are not generally used in the UK, putting together a compelling case for thinking beyond reverberation time, even in enclosed spaces.”
Shane also caught up with Andrew Parkin, Vice President ANC and Partner at CUNDALL Acoustics – “>see the brief interview here.
Erling Nilsson – “The aim of my presentation was to stress the importance of using supplementary parameters to the reverberation time when evaluating the acoustic conditions in ordinary rooms with absorbing ceilings. Particularly, the parameter Sound Strength G (dB) was discussed both from an experimental and theoretical point of view. The paper was well received and initiated some interesting discussions during the tea and coffee breaks. Especially, how this parameter can be implemented in UK.”
We were also treated to an entertaining presentation on sound from Dr Hugh Hunt, Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, using, amongst other things, a 1 ¼” aluminium pipe to demonstrate pure tone sound waves and nodes,
For further information on IOA or ANC events go to: and
The UK Institute of Acoustics and Association of Noise Consultants joint Annual Conference took place this week, bringing together acousticians from a wide range of academic and

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