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New Finnish standard specifies sound conditions in buildings

The Finnish Standards Association published end of 2004 a new standard on acoustics in buildings. SFS 5907 (”Acoustic Classification of Buildings”) can be referred to when expressing acoustics requirements for most types of buildings.

The standard is also meant to be an education tool in acoustics for architects and clients.
Besides acousticians’ experience, the guide-lines and target values presented in SFS 5907 are based on new research findings from Finland and abroad.
As a general rule, it divides buildings and premises into four acoustic classes (A, B, C and D). Buildings in classes A and B are better than the ordinary in terms of their acoustics, class C corresponds to the minimum level, while class D is intended for old buildings only.
Standard highlight
– wide range of premises: educational premises, day care centre, health care premises, offices, factories, elderly homes, dwellings
– four sound quality classes (A, B, C and D) are proposed, where C corresponds to mandatory requirements according to Finnish Building Code. A would stand for “excellent”, B for “good” and D for “in exceptional conditions”. Class D applies for offices and factories only.
– stringent room acoustics requirements (see below)
– extensive appendix (acoustic design advices, drawings, connection to EN ISO 11 654, etc)
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