New podcast series explores how we are all affected by sound


Acoustics, sound, noise. All impact our lives every day. Yet it is not a subject that is often discussed. So, Ecophon UK and Ireland have decided to launch a podcast to do exactly that.

The new podcast, “A sound effect on people” is a monthly show that explores how we are all affected by sound. It explores how while poor acoustics can be harmful, a room with good acoustics can help you learn more effectively, work more productively, even heal more quickly.

We know that some people like to be quiet, while some feed off the buzz, so throughout the series the podcast will also explore the effect of personality on the way our bodies and minds respond to the noise that surrounds us.

You can probably listen to the podcast through your usual app, or you can find it online at LibsyniTunes , Stitcher or TuneIn.

Episode One – Sound Matters

Our hearing is the one sense we can’t turn off, yet it is tuned for the outdoor environments that we evolved in. But with many of us now spending up to 80% of our time indoors, we struggle when excessive noise and reverberant echoes trigger our ancient fight or flight response. The physiological response to constant loud noise causes fatigue, stress and elevated heart rates, quite the opposite of what is needed for successful healing or productive work.

We all know that certain sounds can change the way we feel, but can we improve our lives simply by improving the acoustics of the rooms we are in? Will acoustically excellent classrooms be a better place to teach? Will a quiet hospital be better for patients? These are the types of questions that will be explored by the new podcast.

In the first episode in the series, Ecophon concept developers Shane CryerAndrea Harman and Paige Hodsman join presenter Salma Cranefield to explore how poor acoustics can prevent the successful delivery of education, healthcare office environments. This episode introduces the key issues and concepts, which will be explored more deeply in subsequent programmes.

Read more about the podcast and show notes, visit, or just click play below to listen to the episode.


Shane Cryer, Concept Developer Education at Ecophon, Russell Richardson, Director at RBA Acoustics with Salma Cranfield the presenter.

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