New Podcast series now available as part of the Quiet Mark new Acoustics Academy initiative

We proudly share a new podcast interview with Shane Cryer, our Concept Developer for Educational Environments which is hosted by Simon Gosling, CSO at Quiet Mark, the global award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society. This podcast is part of a series uniquely exploring the vital role acoustics plays in the future of global living, building and product design sharing conversations with thought-leading designers, architects, and sound experts.

Hopefully during these times of relative lockdown, our readers will have time to listen to and be inspired to share the podcasts with others who might also be interested. It is a timely opportunity to inspire others to think more deeply about the importance of sound and the negative impact of noise. Not only in teaching and learning environments but in the built environment in general to support our general health and well-being.

Listen to the new Shane and Simon podcast here.

The podcast series is also available on Buzzsprout, which provides links to Spotify, Apple Podcast and other popular podcast platforms. The series is part of the new Quiet Mark, Acoustics Academy initiative which was launched earlier this year at the Surface Design Awards 2020 at the Business Design Centre in London. This included an excellent TED-style master-class presentation event where Shane was also one on the presenters.

See the Acoustics Academy filmed presentation by Shane at this Quiet Mark Acoustics Academy launch below.

Read more about the ground breaking Acoustics Academy launched by Quiet Mark earlier this year in a previous Acoustic Bulletin post here.

Shane Cryer who recently completed the IOA Acoustics Diploma is a Concept Developer for Educational Environments for the UK & Ireland

If you would you like to have a webinar from Shane? You can contact Shane via email here.

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