Noise Action Week 2015 UK

Noise action week film

Here are some films to share as timely reminders this week about noise issues – watch here.

 NAW 2015 says: “Noise prevention is cheaper than cure”.

Their campaign in the UK is aimed at engaging everyone as they say – “We are all affected by noise -using Noise Action Week to raise awareness of noise next week is a great way to draw the attention of newly elected councillors and MPs to local noise issues and service needs”.

More about Noise Action Week from there homepage – Noise is never out of the news for long – whether it’s disputes between neighbours and music venues, barking dogs or teens with tinnitus.  Raising awareness of noise is important because:

  • We are all affected by noise – the number of people bothered by neighbour noise increased 17% 2002 – 2012
  • Worldwide over a billion young people are at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus due to exposure to loud audio
  • Noise is an  indicator of public health  used to inform government policy in England  (If you have a problem, let your council and/or housing provider know – the problem is under reported)
  • Investigating noise complaints costs local councils £130 – £7k per complaint

Reducing problem noise costs council tax payers – prevention is cheaper than cure –  so using Noise Action Week to promote education about noise is in all our interests.

For more information about this great initiative go to



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