Sports lessons can have a big impact on our hearing!

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Acoustics in Dutch sports halls

In the Netherlands a short item was broadcasted on national TV by SBS6 Hart van Nederland it was made to demonstrate the impact sports hall acoustic have on our hearing and especially the teachers who spend much of their time there as they feel the impact on their working conditions. There were also a number of newspapers that brought this subject to the attention of their readers.

In general they feel acoustics in sports hall teaching spaces has been a neglected issue and the average sports hall doesn’t sound too good.

However the Haarlemcollege does listen to their PE (Sports) Teachers and has started to improve the sound environment in their sports halls.

PE teachers in the Netherlands have been raising awareness about this to the authorities as people cannot understand each other and the sound only gets worse.

After the the acoustic improvements the PE teachers’ notice a clear difference which has been a worthwhile investment. One of two PE teachers states: “After the modification, not only is the sound much quieter but it doesn’t stick around so long. ” And now, “After being in the sports hall all day your voice doesn’t feel bad, your ears don’t feel bad and you are less tired.”

The teachers’ hope that all teachers’ can benefit from improved sports hall acoustics in all schools so sports activities and lessons can be carried out in quieter conditions.

Watch the film and hear the difference between the acoustics in their sports halls. The other hall will be modified and be good for their sports activities and clear communication soon!

The original item was produced and broadcast by Dutch news programme Hart van Nederland

For more info please contact Guus Klamerek, a Concept Developer for Educational Environments with Saint-Gobain Ecophon BV who is actively involved with a number of other sports hall acoustic enthusiasts in working groups where they are collaborating to improve the acoustic situation in the Netherlands.

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